After a one-year break caused by the COVID – 19 pandemic, Limanowa Hill-Climb Race (Stara Wieś) – Ostra Pass is back.
The 12th Limanowa Hill-Climb Race is again a great celebration of Polish and European motorsport. The fastest drivers of the old continent will appear on the 5493 meter route (in hill-climb races there are no world championships). They are going to fight for points in the 9th Round of FIA EHC – FIA European Hill-Climb Challenge. Aditionally, two rounds (7th and 8th) of Polish Hill-Climb Championship will be held.
European Hill-Climb Challenge is the oldest series held from the 1930s. In the first championship edition, in 1930, the winner was Hans Stuck (DEU Austro- Daimler) in the category of racing cars. Rudolf Carracciola (DEU, Mercedes Benz), the star of track racing, was the best among cars, today called production cars.
The race in Limanowa, held since 2009, was promoted to the elite group of events included in the FIA EHC in 2014. Then, Miloš Beneš (CZE) stood on the top step of the podium. In 2018, the route record was broken by multiple European Champion Christian Merli (ITA), whose travel time, 1: 51,398, and average speed 178 km / h are records that are still valid today.
The Limanowa route is an arena of duels of the fastest Europeans riding the so-called bolides: Merle and Simone Faggioli (ITA). Drivers of closed-body cars are struggling behind their backs.
During competition in 2019, Faggioli won in the 2nd category (bolides). Merli was the second and he had the same number of points and finished the season with the title of European Champion, as Faggioli. The third driver was Christoph Lampert ( AUT), who had a bronze medal at the end of the season. In the 1st category of closed-body cars, Jan Miloň (SVK, 2nd European Vice-champion), was the winner. He overtook Konrad Biela (POL) and Antonino Migliuolo (ITA, European Vice-champion). In 2020, due to the pandemic, both the European Championship (FIA EHC) and the Cup (FIA IHC) were not held.
Every year, Malopolska competition, organized by Limanowa Auto Moto Club, are highly rated by the FIA World Automobile Federation. The race is among the top three best events in the following seasons.
Even 20 000 fans appear on the race route during race weekend. They can support drivers directly and check the results on-line on their mobile phones. For people who cannot be in Limanowa, live coverage on the Internet or national and regional television are prepared.
In accordance with the mission of the FIA and the Polish Motor Association, the organizers of the competition put great emphasis not only on safe support, but also on the education of fans related to road safety. The club in Limanowa constantly conducts educational campaigns among young people related to road safety. In a letter sent to Auto Moto Klub Limanowa, it was mentioned by the Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk, who took the honorary patronage over the race: 12th Limanowa Hill-Climb Race is an event which, on the one hand, allows you to experience sports emotions, and on the other – provides an opportunity to remind you of the importance of safe driving for all road users. Thanks to the development of technology and in connection with more and more strict procedures, car races are becoming safer for their participants. Unfortunate events are rare these days. I am convinced that the Limanowa Hill-Climb Race will also run smoothly. While waiting for this event, we must not forget that only races and rallies can be an opportunity for a quick, high-performance, and risky driving, not driving in everyday conditions. We are all responsible for the level of safety on our roads. Most of us are not racers but ordinary road users. As a government, we have a duty to ensure the highest possible level of security on our roads. We do it through activities in three fields: investment, law and education. New and modernized roads, intersections, pavements and cycle paths enable safer driving. Such good changes take place all over Poland: on national and local roads. In June 2021, regulations entered into force, thanks to which road safety is likely to increase among the least protected participants. The pedestrian has been given priority when entering the road and he is obliged to be particularly careful when crossing it. The speed limit in the built-up area has been reduced to 50 km / h around the clock. It is also no longer possible to drive directly behind another vehicle on a motorway: we have introduced the minimum distance between vehicles. Even the best and most strict law will not help, if we do not educate ourselves every day and remember how important the issue of road safety is and that we all shape the landscape on Polish roads, pavements and bicycle paths. We must keep this in mind. I wish the participants of the 12th Hill-Climb Race good luck. I am sure that it will be an unforgettable experience for you and that the whole event will be peaceful and safe.

The Honorary Committee is headed by the President of the Polish Motor Association, Michał Sikora (POL), the Competition Director is Bogdan Pałka (POL), and the Sports Judges Team will be headed by Ludek Kopecky (CZE).
As in 2019, the FIA Observer will be Kevin Ferner (DEU) accompanied by the FIA Technical Observer, Gordon Forbes (GBR). Łukasz Biegus (POL) became the PZM observer and Marek Szczechura (POL) is once again the PZM Technical Delegate.

12th Limanowa Hill-Climb Race will start on Friday, July 23 with the Administrative Check and Scrutiny, which will be carried out in Limanowa. Saturday (24.07) competition – 7th GSMP Round (for drivers classified in the European Championships it will be training climbs) will start at 9:00 am. On Sunday, July 25 at 9:00 a.m, the 8th GSMP Round will be played and at 11:30 a.m the race for the 9th FIA EHC Round will begin. Details about the race can be found on the official website of the competition:

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