During 7th Round of FIA European Hill-Climb Challenge, there was also 6th Round of Polish Hill-Climb Championship on Sunday in Limanowa. At beautiful sunny weather, in almost perfect conditions for fast ride (Christian Merli, IT, drove the route, that is 5493 long, in 1:53,546 s and he set the new record), the fastest Polish driver was again Waldemar Kluza (Skoda Fabia S 2000) who overtook a current Polish champion, Slovak Igor Drotar (Skoda Fabia R5) and the third driver (Jiri Los, CZ, Mitsubishi Lancer) by almost 3 s, in two race heats in general classification.

Group N was conquered again by Rafał Serafinowicz (Mitsubishi Lancer). The second place was taken by Tomas Vavrinc from Czech National Team (Mitsubishi Lancer). Herbi (Mitsubishi Lancer) was the third in this group. In the morning training, Bartosz Herban had a collision, and Michał Ratajczyk was eliminated because of a technical failure. The first race heat was little delayed after the route inspection done by an observer who corrected the location of spectators along one of road section for safety reasons. Security service had much work in removing of oil slick which appeared after a failure of one of cars.

Limanowa event was watched by over 25 000 fans for two days.

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