A colorful cavalcade of racing and service cars reached Limanowa, where a technical scrutineering of cars was carried out, preceded by the Administrative Check. This season, the FIA – World Automobile Federation has divided the tests of cars participating in the national championship – Polish Hill-Climb Championship from cars entered for the FIA EHC – the FIA European Hill-Climb Championship. For the latter, a separate test was organized near the Service Park in Stara Wieś.


Finally, 109 drivers will start on Saturday and Sunday, fighting for points in the FIA EHC and GSMP. In addition to the cars and racing cars from the top of the FIA EHC and GSMP, the appearance of the Group 5 Mini R53 deserves attention, with drivers competing in track racing so far.


After the scrutineering with the participation of the FIA Observer Kevin Ferner (DEU) and the international Team of Sport Judges chaired by Ludek Kopecki (CZE), a briefing of the heads of all services involved in the organization of the race was also held. In line with the mission of the FIA and PZM, particular emphasis was placed on the safety of drivers and fans; dozens of firefighters, medical services and security are involved in the event. The condition of the route protection was also thoroughly checked: energy-consuming barriers and additional elements made of tied tires or straw bales.

Fan Zones were created in safe places, special zones were created for photographers and camera operators.



Bogdan Pałka – Director of the Race, President of Limanowa AMK:

Hill-Climb Racing has a special place in the history of our club because at the very beginning of its existence in the 1980s, the President and co-founder of AMK Limanowa, Karol Maciej Klimaszewski, organized hill-climb races on the route at Ostra and on the way to Pasierbiec. Since we all still feel the limitations related to COVID-19, I invite people who will not be with us to follow the course of the competition on our “RaceRadio” racing radio on the FM 105.7 MHz frequency and watch live broadcast from cameras located on our route. This report will be available on our website www.wysciggorski.pl. Once again, one of the attractions for all arriving guests will be the possibility of buying a helicopter flight over the competition route, which will be located at the service park. As every year, as the Director, I would like to appeal to all fans for common sense during our competition. Your safety and the safety of drivers is our priority. Aditionally, I am asking you to observe all appropriate safety rules regarding COVID-19, which will apply during our competition. Without fans, no competition would make sense, so we are very pleased to host you all and I invite you to safe support at the competition organized by Auto Moto Klub Limanowa.


The possibility of a helicopter flight is not the only additional attraction for fans. Starting on Saturday at 9.00 trainings will be preceded by a parade of unique Polish Fiat 126p, among VIP cars there will be Austin Mini and Fiat 125p, the legend of Polish mountain, Jan Kościuszko.

The competition partners and sponsors have also prepared numerous prizes that can be won by participating in breaks between climbs in contest devoted to road safety. There is also the “We cheer safely” campaign initiated by the Rally & Comunication team. Additionally, stickers promoting the action, T-shirts, jackets and backpacks are available in the racing town.

The competition will be available on the website www.wysciggorski.pl, on the Facebook profiles of GSMP.PZM and Hill Climb Limanowa Official, the results of training and racing climbs can be found on the website www.wyniki-online.pl. , on 105.7 FM.


photo: Agnieszka Wołkowicz

[Press release]

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