The racing Sunday in Limanowa where 9th Round of FIA European Hill-Climb Challenge (FIA EHC) and 6th Round of Limanowa Hill-Climb Championship are held.


Crowds of fans gathered by the route. Temperature was also record, even higher than 30 degrees in the sun. A training that took place in the morning was without any big problems. Only Dubai (POL, Mitsubishi Lancer Bergmonster) had a harmless failure.


In the first race heat in the classification of Cat 2, the fastest driver was Simone Faggioli (ITA, Norma M 20 FC), being with his time result 1:51,693 very close to last year’s record of the route. A present European Champion and record-holder, Christian Merli (ITA,  Osella FA 30), was slower than Faggioli by 0,543 s. Third place was taken by Christoph Lampert (AUT Osella FA 30). Among productive cars (cat. 1) Jan Miloň ( SVK, McLaren 650 S) was the best.

In GSMP, the order was as follows: Andrzej Szepieniec, Dubai and Michał Ratajczyk.

Szymon Łukaszczyk damaged his car and Paweł Rzadkosz turned his Lola by 360 degrees on very hot and slippery asphalt.

In the second race heat of FIA EHC, Merli didn’t manage to make up for the losses and he finally took the second place, having lost 0,577 second to Faggioli. The third place was taken by Christoph Lampert.

Among productive cars, the fastest driver was again Jan Miloň. Konrad Biela, driving Mitsubishi Lancer belonging to Group N, gave a great performance. He overtook Antonino Migliuoli ( ITA Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X). Finally, the order in 9th Round of FIA EHC in cat. 2 is as follows:

  1. Jan Miloň
  2. Konrad Biela
  3. Antonino Migliuolo.


In 6th Round of Polish Hill-Climb Championship, the winner was Dubai (4:28,633), who overtook Michał Ratajczyk ( + 1,691) and the third driver in general classification, Andrzej Szepieniec by 0,014 seconds!

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