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Win the ticket on Grand Prix of Formula 1!

The forth edition of “UN Global Road Safety Week” is planned between 8th and 14th May this year. On this occasion, Polish Automobile Association and „Programme 1” of the Polish Radio are organizing radio contest whose aim is to popularize traffic rules in the prime time – Signals of the Day and Express of the One. On April 19, eliminations to the finale have started. The finale is planned for UN Global Road Safety Week. The competition within FIA Road Safety Grant Programme is supported and co-financed by FIA. The main task of the competitors will be to answer some questions, which will be preceded by music rebus connected with journey. In the finale, these people will compete who will pass all stages of the competition. The main award is excursion on Grand Prix Formula 1 in Hungary and stay at a three star hotel and flight to Budapest.

Contest rules:. Global Road Safety Week also consists of radio broadcasts which are planned together with the Polish Radio during „The Week”. The Radio is going to invite some guests with the participation of PZM experts. During the broadcasts, we are going to discuss issues connected with speed on the road according to the slogan of this year's edition - „SaveLives-SlowDown”.

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