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The 8th Limanowa Hill Climb Race – Ostra Mountain Pass is summed up.

The 8th Limanowa Hill Climb Race – Ostra Mountain Pass thatis the 7th Round of FIA European Hill Climb Championship and 7th and 8th Rounds of Polish Hill Climb Championship, hasbecomehistoric! On 2nd September 2016, in LimanoVa hotel, a meetingtook place duringwhichthisyear’sedition of the race was summed up. 

The meeting was attented by representatives of Limanowa Auto Moto Club – organizers and co-organizers of the race, i.e. members of Limanowa County, Town of Limanowa and Limanowa Commune, representatives of services, institutions, sponsors, journalists and manypeopleengaged in the whole event.

Thisyear’smeeting was started by the Board Chairman of Limanowa Auto Moto Club – Jerzy Budacz. He welcomed and thankedallparticipants of the meeting. Special thanks for suport in the organization of European Championship weregiven to the Chairman of RegionalCouncil of Małopolska Voivodeship, Urszula Nowogórska, and Member of the Board of Marshal Office of Małopolska Voivodeship, Leszek Zegzda. - Ifitwasn’t for the suport of authorities of Małopolska Voivodeship, Limanowa County, Town and Commune of Limanowa and SłopniceCommune, we wouldn’thaveanychance to organize the championship – said Jerzy Budacz. – In order to guaranteecompetitorssecure start on Limanowa route, the Countymakesmanyinvestmentseveryyear to make the route the most securecourse in Poland. By the way, thisroutehasbeenalready the most secure in Poland. Thisyear, 168 m of newenergy-consumingbarrierswereinstalled on threeroutesections. The competitionwould be not organizedifitwasn’t for over 300 volunteerswhoworked to secure, prepare and takecare of the route – added Jerzy Budacz.

During the meeting, the Director of Hill Climb Race, Bogdan Pałka, calledupsomefacts of this event and he reminded ofpositiveassessment of the race made by FIA and PZM observers. From 8 to 10 July, 62 Polishdrivers and 25 foreignonesappearedat the Polish and European Championship during the 8th Limanowa Hill Climb Race – Ostra Mountain Pass. Competitorshad to make the routebeing 5493 m, including 302 m of difference in altitude.

Drivers coming from 8 countriesstarted in the race: Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, France and Switzerland. Thisyear, start of women was surprising. As many as threewomenparticipated in the race. Eachdaygavedriversunforgettableemotionsthanks to amazingatmosphere and sportsrivalrywhichwereprovided to spectators by foreignguests. The pace was turnedup by competitorswho set newrecords on Limanowa route. Finally, the record was set by anItalian driver Christian Merli (Osella FA 30) and the record was 1:55,413.

The President of AMK, Jerzy Budacz and the Director of the Race, Bogdan Pałka, on behalf of the mainorganizer, AMK Limanowa, gavetokens of gratitude as recognition of help and engagement in the organization of the event. 

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