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  • Less than 1.5 months is left to start...

    Less than 1.5 months is left to start one of the most important events in the Polish motor sport - 9th Limanowa Hill-Climb Race that takes place from 14 to 16 July 2017. For the fourth time, Limanowa race is the qualifying selection of FIA EHC – FIA European Hill Climb Challenge. During the competition, 5th and 6th rounds of Polish Hill Climb Championship will also take place...

  • Win the ticket on Grand Prix of Formula 1!

    The forth edition of “UN Global Road Safety Week” is planned between 8th and 14th May this year. On this occasion, Polish Automobile Association and „Programme 1” of the Polish Radio are organizing radio contest whose aim is to popularize traffic rules in the prime time – Signals of the Day and Express of the One. On April 19, eliminations to the finale have started. The finale is planned for UN Global Road Safety Week ...

  • FIA Hill Climb Masters 2016 Medalists

    FIA Hill Climb Masters

    Gold medals for Faggioli, Moran and Peruggini

    Already fastest in practice, the Italian Simone Faggioli (Norma, Category 2), the British driver Scott Moran (Gould, Category 3) and the Italian Lucio Perrugini (Ferrari, Category 1) confirmed their respective ...

  • The 8th Limanowa Hill Climb Race – Ostra Mountain Pass is summed up.

    The 8th Limanowa Hill Climb Race – Ostra Mountain Pass thatis the 7th Round of FIA European Hill Climb Championship and 7th and 8th Rounds of Polish Hill Climb Championship, hasbecomehistoric! On 2nd September 2016, in LimanoVa...

  • Interview - Maciej Kot

    How do you develop your skills in motorsport currently?

    During a year, I don’t have much time for it because of trainings and departures connected with ski jumping. However, several times a year, I try to find some time to drive in a racing car and to train. I try to learn the most on the example of some ...

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