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Interview - Radosław Ćwięczek

Why have you become interested in motorsport? How has it started?

I have been interested in motorsport for many years. My brother took part in Polish Rally Championship as a pilot, and I had a chance to get to know this discipline thanks to that. Today, motorsport is a very big part of my life and my biggest passion.


At the present day, what do you consider your the biggest success and the biggest  failure in motorsport?

I hope that my biggest success is before me. As for failures, I didn’t succeed in the last year’s competition in Korczyn. At the beginning, I had very good speed and I thought that Sunday race would be as successful as the Saturday one. Unfortunately, my pressure gauge got broken and I was unconscious of bad pressure in my tyres. Fast driving was impossible in this situation. In the mountains, everything matters.


What do you do for living and how do you combine it with motorsport?

I have a family company so I have always a person who can stand in for me. It is very useful if you have a passion which demands more free time than usually.


Who supports you?

For over 2 years, I have been supported by 2 companies: CATKOP, which has its origin in Limanowa, and FINISH. Their support is very important for me. Our relationship is very friendly and the atmosphere in our team is great. My wife is a very special person for me because she not only accepts my passion but she also supports it. Additionally, I appreciate Robert and Stanley Racing. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t succeed. I am also supported by my family. I’m grateful to all of them.


What are your the biggest dreams connected with motorsport?

My biggest dreams are starts! For me it is important to drive a racing car. I hope that these dreams will still come true. It is the most important for me.


What goals for this season do you have?

Now, my goal is to adapt to a new car quickly. This car has appeared in our garage this year. So far, everything has been well and we can be happy with first victories. I just want to be competitive.


What car are you driving in 2016 season on the GSMP routes?

After 4 years of driving Renault Clio Sport, I have changed it for Honda Civic Type-R which is prepared for starts in N-2000 class. It is very fast car and it gives a lot of fun to a driver. 


Who is your idol and why?

My idols have always been Janusz Kulig and Marian Bublewicz. As for drivers in GSMP, I admire Robert Kus. He is the top driver for me.


Why have you chosen hill climb races?

Hill-climb races have a magic which is difficult to be found in any other disciplines of motorsport. They are distinguished by the variety of cars and classes, and wonderful supporters! In the mountains, you have to drive “on the limit” all the time, what suits me a lot.   


What’s your favourite GSMP course?

I have 3 favourite routes: Limanowa, Korczyna and Banovce. They are fast and very technical. I like racing there because speed excites drivers and fans for whom we drive.


How would you encourage others to take part in GSMP?

I have always convinced others willingly to start in hill climb races  which can be described by two things. Firstly, you have to drive on the limits of yourself and your car. Secondly, there are many details which have their influence on final results. Everything has to be ready in 100 %. These things are very addictive.


What driver are you every day?

It depends on the amount of time which I need to get somewhere J I always try to drive carefully and steadily. After competition, I come back home very slowly because, after racing weekend, I only think of a quiet car and of safe return of myself and my team. 


 Thank you for the interview.

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