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Interview - Maciej Kot

How do you develop your skills in motorsport currently?

During a year, I don’t have much time for it because of trainings and departures connected with ski jumping. However, several times a year, I try to find some time to drive in a racing car and to train. I try to learn the most on the example of some experienced drivers and to listen to them. In the past, I drove and train with Michał Kościuszko, Michał Bębenek, Wojtek Chuchała and Robert Kus. When I don’t have any opportunity to drive a real car, I use a simulator which I made myself at home. Of course, it can’t replace normal driving but it helps to build some skills and to keep good condition.   


Who is your idol and why?

In ski jumping, my idol is of course Adam Małysz. In motorsport, my first idol was Colin McRae, then Janusz Kulig  and now Krzysztof Hołowczyc. When I have become more and more interested in motorsport, I have started to admire Ayrton Senna and Robert Kubica whom I support strongly and whose career I  follow.


Ski jumping and motorsport are completely different disciplines. Do they have any common features? Does ski jumping make start in motorsport easier in any way or just the opposite?

I think that there are some common features, such as high speed, big dose of adrenaline, braveness, reflex and coordination. Some elements of my trainings are very similar to the trainings of drivers. Therefore, it is possible that ski jumping makes start in motorsport easier. However, nothing can replace experience that should be gathered for many years and kilometres.  


You have been one of the guests at the race in Limanowa for some years. Do you consider the possibility of being a competitor in Limanowa race?

Naturally, I think of it but I would need some time to prepare for the start properly. Unfortunately, I’m short of time because preparations for the ski season start in May. Last year, I went back home from the training camp on Friday night and I set off to Limanowa at 5 a.m. to be there at 7 a.m. Tiredness after the camp and journey certainly would not help me in the race. The lack of trainings in driving can cause time losses. I’m a professional sportsman. Therefore, I have the same attitude to every challenge: If I do something, I do it for 100%. Maybe in the future, I will succeed to organise all my matters so as to be well prepared as a race driver. Another problem is financial limits and you know that expenses in motorsport are really high.


In what type of motorsport are you interested in? Races or off-roads?

Off-road is definitely not for me. I have never driven an off-roader. Races? It’s  hard for me to say. Currently, I don’t go towards only one discipline. I want to develop myself in many areas. I think that every sport can give me something valuable. However, if we talk about emotions, I have warmer feelings to races.


What about a car of your dreams? Is there any car which is special for you?

I don’t have such a car in my heart. My imagination is very wide. That’s why, there are many cars which I would like to drive in the future. Blue Subaru Impreza STI has fastened my heart beats since my childhood. As regards the version of WRC, I have been mad about it! Of course, I would find some place in my garage for Ferrari, Lamborghini or Zonda.


Today, ski jumping is in the first place in your life. Do you think that motor sport will be the main discipline in your future?

At this time, I’m fully concentrated on ski jumping and the nearest future. That’s why, it’s hard for me to say whether I will change the discipline. My dream is to reach the best results in jumping and ending my career on the podium as Adam Małysz. Then, I will be able to consider any other challenges. If I had an opportunity to take part in an interesting motorsport project, I would consider it. 


How do you combine two passions every day? I suppose that they take you a lot of time. When do you have free time only for yourself?

I try to well organise my time and to have a hierarchy of important things. Now, ski jumping is the most important for me. Therefore, nothing can disturb me in my preparations for the season. If I find time, I will think of another passion – races. However, tiredness and the necessity of regeneration often do not allow me for driving and motor trainings. Then, I say to myself that yet time for it will come.


Have you got any dreamy motor event in which you would like to take part?

Yes, I have. They are WRC Race, preferably Monte Carlo, and GP F1.


This year, we have had a chance to meet you in 10th Memorial of Janusz Kulig and Marian Bublewicz. In Limanowa, you have been in the role of PILOT 2. Are you going to appear somewhere else?  

This year, I don’t plan any other starts because of very tight calendar of trainings and starts in ski jumping. But, if I have a chance, I will take advantage of it.


What is your biggest dream now?

My head is full of dreams :) In the nearest future, my the biggest dream is gold medal at the Olympics in Peong Chang in 2018.  


Thank you for the interview.

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