The 9th round of the FIA EHC – FIA European Hill-Climb Championship was another display of Italian driver Christian Merli (ITA, Osella FA30 Zytek LRM), who broke his own track record of Stara Wieś – Przełęcz pod Ostra twice during races. In the first race he made the time 1: 50,412, in the second he drove even faster, breaking the magic barrier of 1:50 (the new record is 1: 49,841). The Italian’s maximum speed exceeded 260 km / h, the average speed on the 5493 m and 33 turns route was 180 km / h. Behind him in the general classification of the race was Simone Faggioli (ITA, Norma M20 FC Bardahl), Petra Trnka was placed third (CZE, Norma M20FC). Polish drivers performed excellently, taking the podium of Category 2 (closed body cars). The 9th FIA EHC round was won by Daniel Stawiarski (Mitsubishi Lancer), ahead of Dubai (Mitsubishi Lancer) and Piotr Parys (Ford Fiesta). 108 drivers appeared at the start of the race on Sunday. The Sunday training was played in extremely high temperatures, fortunately for the drivers and thousands of fans who watched the competition live. Later, fortunately, the temperature dropped and there were raindrops. The road, however, remained dry, and with moderate temperatures the conditions turned out to be ideal for breaking records. Sebastien Petit, whose Nova NP. 01-2 broke down in the first race climb, did not finish the race. Some of the top drivers had to repeat the climb they started.The Sunday race was also the 8th Round of the Polish Hill-Climb Championship. Daniel Stawiarski (Mitsubishi Lancer) won the first race, ahead of Michał Ratajczyk (Mitsubishi Lancer), Dubai and Peter Paris by one tenth of a second. In the second race, Parys rode much slower, putting on rain tires, while Ratajczyk accelerated ahead of Stawiarski.

Finally, in the 8th GSMP Round, the general classification was as follows:

  1. Michał Ratajczyk 04:17,814
  2. Daniel Stawiarski 04:18,506
  3. DUBAI 04;25,207

Detailed results in individual GSMP Classes can be found on the website and


photo: Agnieszka Wołkowicz

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